We'll try and provide as much documentation as possible, but you know how it goes... We would be very grateful if you would send us your findings when deploying parts of this toolkit. Of course, documentation is provided in good old Perl style, so get the sources and either run perlpod or just install, and get the man pages for free.


Here's the documentation generated by pod2html from the module files in hl7api. These documents will be generated nightly from the latest source in CVS, so they won't necessarily reflect your installed version.


The pod2html generated documentation for the hl7d, and the README.


The pod2html generated documentation for the hl7qd, and the README.

HL7 Communicator

The communicator is merely a concept, using the components above. The concept describes how to create a HL7 framework for applications that can't do HL7 themselves directly. More documentation is to follow shortly. Logo The HL7 Toolkit is hosted by SourceForge.